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Sharing screen with other people while they are online is a good way to share your work or teach them about the working of a certain application, software or a program. Recording the screen has become a lot easier since Bandicam has been launched.

What does Bandicam do?

Bandicam is a screen recording program which is used to record a certain area on your PC screen. This software has proved to be very helpful for people who need to learn new things about certain programs. It becomes easier to understand something with the help of video demonstration rather than getting someone on call or getting the instructions through email. Once you get to see how a certain program or a certain feature in a program works through a video, it becomes easier to understand it and then do it on your own without the risk of making any big mistakes.




With Bandicam you can also record a program that is based on DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies. It gives you the liberty to record as much part of the screen you want. The software comes with a screen recording of high compression ratio. The best part it, no matter how much you compress the video; is quality will not be compromised. It will be just like recording the screen with a good quality camera.

There are many other softwares that serve the same purpose but none of them is superior to Bandicam. It provides high performance along with flawless recording and easy user interface. There are no complicated features to learn or practice, so it can be used by anyone, regardless of the past experience.

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Key features

The key features of the latest version of Bandicam come with exclusive features that are given below:

  • The software is a great help in recording DirectX/OpenGL programs such as Fraps. You can record video game programming quite easily for a presentation or even make the idea understandable.
  • As the software compresses the file while recording, the file size is much smaller than the original. It will not occupy a lot of space on your disk and we all know smaller files are easier to share via email or other sharing mediums.
  • This video screen recorder records the video in a good quality that can be uploaded to You will not need to convert the file in 720p or 1080p full HD. People often upload their screen recordings to support the idea of tutorials to help other people learn about programming and software development.
  • There is no limit of video recording time. You can record 24 hours of video with the auto complete recording function of Bandicam.
  • Bandicam provides video resolution up to 2560×1600.

Bandicam is one of the finest software you will find to record your screen for different purposes. However, the main idea of the software is to record programming techniques, web and software development.

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