[Download] Best Free Messaging Apps for Android 2017

Worldwide the text messaging is the most preferred way of communication as you don’t have to pause whatever you are doing during the chat as compared to phone calls in which you need to stop all activities to attend the call. To make your texting experience better, there are various texting apps for the Android have been introduced with amazing features. Let’s have a look into it.

Best Free Messaging Apps for Android 2017


WhatsApp that was specified for the Android devices is also available for PC. If you are looking for any text service that is compatible with your windows, then must go for WhatsApp because it is the only chat service that can be used for PC. Now of your mobile phone is not in your access so you don’t have to worry about it as you can continue text messaging on PC as well.


Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS service was introduced right after the invention of the Android. It contains numerous features that include group chat, SMS blocking service, instant notification, emojis and MMS. You can prevent sending text in the mid-send. Moreover, Pushbullet support and Android Wear are additional features in the Chomp SMS.


Evolve SMS

Another amazing App is known as Evolve SMS that provides you multimedia support which includes customizable notification, videos, audios, password protection. It is a lighter App as compared to other Android apps. The only issue that appears in it is related to MMS  otherwise, the rest of the features are outstanding.


Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is the most admired apps these days. It contains multiple features such as dual SIM support, SMS blocking, encrypted messaging, numerous themes, stickers, and emojis with different ideas. You can enjoy this app anytime and anywhere. Just download it from the App Store free of cost.


Handcent Next SMS

It is quite influential and heavy texting app as it offers tons of features. It contains different kinds of themes, eCards, SMS backup, emojis and so on. Its most amazing feature is Handcent anywhere that allows you to use this app on your PC and tablet.



It provides you a unique service and also known as Ninja SMS in which there is no full screen is available to chat, it just pops up a window and allows you to chat over there. So you can continue your work on Windows as it appears on whatever you are doing. Its features include full-screen option, message encryption, emojis, etc.


Google messenger

It is a lightweight app and quite simple to use as it doesn’t provide tons of features. There are some small features for fun that include location sharing, stickers, emojis, message archiving, SMS blocking.



This app was introduced in that period when here was no concept of Material Design Apps. Some of the features include a night mode, MMS, search, floating notification, themes and group chat. It is an open source app and you can download it for free of cost.


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