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We all love comics. Ever wondered how they are made and designed? Only the people who are linked with the designing field of the characters will understand why we asked this question. Well, what we see as a character or a picture in front of us has a long story in reference to the making. Clip Studio Paint is a family of software applications that are used for the digital creation of comics and manga.

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It is one of the finest and leading comic and manga creation software. It is designed to deliver powerful art tools for every artist. Either you are an artist who wishes to improve and enhance his pen-and-paper illustration or someone who wants to complete the whole process of creating the digital comics; this is a complete package for you. Before Clip Studio Paint was launched sketching, coloring and inking your comics and manga was never this much easier.

Key features

Here is the list of the key features of the program. These features are going to be enough to convince an enthusiast artist to try this tool immediately.

  • Cell animation support – also known as frame-by-frame animation helps the artist to draw individual frames that act as transparent sheets. They create an illusion of movement and makes it easier to design or point out mistakes.
  • Animation timeline – it gives granular control over display adjustments to give fluid movements to the animations.
  • Light table function – this feature renders the pages leading to an ideal situation for creating in-between and clean-line art for frames and illustrations.
  • Onion skin display – this is a preferable technique when it comes to editing the moves to see numerous cells at the same time. Artist will be able to determine the creation and adjustment of images based on sequencing.
  • Multiple export options – it is compatible with platforms where you will want to share your sequential images.
  • Coloring – there are abundant colors to choose from. The natural blend of colors gives a more precise look to the characters.
  • Panels – you can make and customize the panels by using the Bezier curves from the software.
  • Pens and tools – there are tools like pens, brushes, pencils and other designing tools that help you give a more comic based look and feel to your characters.
  • Brush effects – the airbrush allows multiple brush effects to be applied at the same time. the tome brush can be used for wider visual effects.
  • Vector tools – there is an extensive vector toolkit that gives maximum flexibility and speedy production. It enables the artist to view the centerline of vectors to cover the trouble areas.
  • Templates – Clip Studio Paint has tons of templates that are ready-to-use. You can customize them if you want.
  • 3D option – the latest version of the software offers 3D options for backgrounds and references.
  • Fast performing tool – with so many functions and tools, it is yet a fast performing software that gives high definitions and multiple layer art projects.

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There have been a few versions of the software, but changes have been made in them as per the changing trends and audience requirements. Previous versions were Clip Studio Paint Debut and Clip Studio Paint EX, however, the current version is named as Clip Studio Paint Pro. The latest feature added in the current version is the support for multi-page documents.


People who have been using Clip Studio Paint for quite some time now say that it even better than Photoshop. So, why not give it a try? It is compatible with Wacom’s tablets and other tablets including Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The price they are charging for the software is nothing compared to the quality, efficiency, and performance of the software.

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