DFX Audio Enhancer 13 Cracked Full Version Download with Serial Keygen 2017

Music sounds better and much more entertaining when you are able to hear it loud and clear. Not only the lyrics inspire us but also the beats add to the inspiration. Who would have thought about high-resolution audio sound, because all we have been hearing is the hype about high-resolution images?

DFX Audio Enhancer 13 aka FXSound

There are numerous applications that can make your music experience worthwhile, but when it comes to enhancing the audio experience; there is nothing better than DFX Audio Enhancer 13. This is an application that will not only enhance your music experience but will also boost the sound quality of your favorite tracks. Having a music enhancing application in your phone or PC makes you the DJ for the night. You can flaunt your music playlist using DFX Audio Enhancer and enjoy your party with friends. The best part about this application is that it works even better when you attach external speakers to your device. The sound does not burst and the clarity does not get affected at all.

Key features

You can download it from their official website without any hindrance. There is a free version and the premium version. The features remain the same in both the versions, but you will be able to enjoy audio customization with the premium version. The free version of DFX Audio Enhancer has the following features:

  • It boosts the sound and volume quality of your favorite sound tracks.
  • It enhances the low-resolution tracks by extending its sound clarity and bass.
  • It brings booming bass.
  • You can enjoy the crystal clear audio.
  • It optimizes the music in real time.
  • Users will be able to enjoy studio quality listening experience.

With DFX Audio Enhancer there is no need to buy high-end expensive headphone to improve the sound quality of your favorite tracks. Just download the application in your PC or phone and get the pleasure from high fidelity.

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How to activate:

  1. Download and install DFX software and during setup add your email address where it asks.
  2. Now exit the setup and go to C:\Program Files\DFX.
  3. Copy the crack DFX.exe application from downloaded crack folder with the original one.
  4. You’re done enjoy full version DFX.

Easy to use

The application is very easy to use with all the required settings tabs on the left side of the screen. Unlike many other music enhancing applications, DFX Audio Enhancer also runs in the background. You will not have to restrict the usage of your phone to PC to one application.

How is premium version better?

There are always two versions of every application. The free version comes with all the basic features while the premium comes with a few add-ons. Same is the case here. With the premium version of DFX Audio Enhancer users will be able to get their hands on the following features:

  • Better sound quality – leading to high definition
  • Full customization – you can adjust the effects and equalizers as per your taste
  • No interruptions – ad free high-quality music
  • Saved presets – users will be able to save, edit and delete their presets


DFX Audio Enhancer is a great program that can be used to improve your music experience despite your location and approach to a good and expensive pair of headphones. If you are not willing to invest in high-end headphone then this application is your companion.

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