IDM Crack 6.31 Build 3 full version Download with Serial Key

Internet being a basic necessity of present living standards has somehow bewitched us. There is nothing that we can do without the internet; let it be online shopping, communicating with your friends all around the world or looking for some resourceful information. Having an internet connection is not enough in this fast moving world. Your internet connection must be strong and fast enough to cater all your needs without taking a lot of time.

IDM cracked version

IDM crack is also referred to as a torrent client in some places; just like BitTorrent and uTorrent. But, it is far better and efficient than those torrent clients. It has an exceptional speed; almost 5 times more than the normal file downloaders.

Versatile features of the tool

Internet Download Manager incorporates many versatile features. You may find a few features similar to the other torrent clients, but none of them is as efficient as the ones offered by IDM.

  • Users will be able to download almost anything on the internet.
  • It lets the user download the files directly from the browser, rather than extensions and magnets.
  • It is an easy to use software with least complications.
  • There is an error recovery feature in the tool, which lets you recover any data you have lost due to any error.
  • Broken downloads can also be fixed which usually occurs if your internet gets disconnected all of a sudden.
  • IDM ensures the safety of its user’s information with the help of FTP and HRRP protocols.
  • This program supports firewalls, cookies, redirects, and authorizations.
  • The tool has the capacity to fix all kinds of bugs in the latest version.
  • Users will get to experience effortless browser integration that boosts the productivity and outcomes of the software.
  • IDM crack provides full HD video support; that means you will be able to enjoy exceptional video quality.
  • It grabs almost all the streamed Medias.
  • It speeds up the download process up to 5 times.
  • Downloads will also have the liberty to pause and resume the downloading process, in case they have to shut down their system or are short on the battery. Downloading can be resumed later from the same point.
  • The program can work with up to 32 simultaneous connections per download.
  • You can also schedule your downloads as per their priority. This schedule can be made on the main window of the program. It will hang up or even shut down the system after the completion of the file
  • The zip review and download categories have made downloading easier for the clients.
  • It comes with browser adaptability, so you can run it on any browser. It is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, AOL, MSN Explorer, Netscape, Avant Browser and all the other popular browsers.
  • There is also an option to set the speed limit.
  • The multilingual support of the software makes it easy to use the software in any part of the world without the problem of any language barrier.
  • Last but not the least, IDM provides MP3 and MPEG content processing.

How does IDM crack work?

IDM is based on intelligent and dynamic file segmentation. It comprises of secure multipart downloading technology to accelerate the downloading of files. In simpler words, IDM breaks down your file in smaller portions without damaging or risking the content and then downloads them separately in order to achieve greater speed. There is a specific code that works behind this tool based on smart download logic accelerator. This code ensures that even after segmenting your file into smaller parts, the content; whatever it may be will not be damaged. It reuses all the available connections without any additional connect and login stages to get you the finest acceleration performance. You will not be losing any data if you use IDM to download your desirable files.

The graphical user interface of the program makes it easier to understand and learn. Some people find it hard to understand the sudden increase in internet speed through IDM, for them we would like to explain that the tool utilizes the maximum bandwidth of your internet connection and makes use of the maximum download speed possible. Furthermore, there is no restriction of the types of files that you can download through IDM.

Goal of the program

The goal of this program is not only to facilitate the users with an improved internet speed, but it also gives them the leisure to enjoy the most out of their internet exploration. The program aims to provide the users with a strong control over the files to be downloaded.

With an improved connection stability and speed, you will be able to complete your work before time and use the remaining time in doing some other tasks. People, who have to do a lot of downloading for work purpose, can complete their work before the deadline and impress their bosses. It is the best package to manage your work and time in an efficient manner.


There cannot be a better way of giving access to all the options with such a well-managed software window. When you will open the program after a successful download of the software, you will see everything in front of you. There are tabs related to each feature of the program that are already discussed above. You can set your priority list and also select the type of file you want to download.

The program comes with proper and clear guidelines. You will not have to wander here and there to find the instructions. Everything is made clear in front of you. There are three main tabs:

  • Download status
  • Speed limiter
  • Options on completion

There are numerous other tabs and check boxes in each of the tabs. All of the features are designed to facilitate the users and improve their internet experience. You will also be able to view IDM configurations along with the details of file types, downloads, connections and site logins.

Since IDM is a paid software, you will have to make a feasibility before you buy it. as a friendly advice, only buy the software if you have to manage a lot of downloading on regular basis. But if you just need high internet speed and increased bandwidth to download the latest episode of your favorite season, then let the curiosity roll for a while and use the regular torrent client rather than this professional and high-end torrent client.

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  • If you’ve already installed free IDM version then use IObit Uninstaller to uninstall it fully from your PC.
  • Then install the cracked version from the above locked links and use it.

How to activate:

Activation with patch:

Download and install IDM and run patch.exe from the downloaded files according to your operating system e.g. for 32bit OS use “32bit Patch build 2.exe” and for 64 bit OS use “64bit Patch build 2.exe”. Done

Activation with crack:

Install IDM and copy every file from cracked folder to installation directory. Now run “register.reg” and add it to the registry. Done

How to add registration key?

1- Open IDM after installing.

2- Move mouse’s cursor on the “Registration” tab.

3- Click on “Registration” from the drop-down menu.

IDM registration

4- Add serial code, you’re done.


IDM has been serving millions of users all around the world over the past few years. It has the capacity to download low-quality peer files, that other torrent clients fail to accomplish. It works great with all types of files. Also, your files will not be affected in case of a network problem, computer shutdown or unexpected power outages. Internet Download Manager is a must try if you are a regular internet user who has to download a lot of stuff on regular basis. Save your time and get the latest version of IDM today!


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