iMazing crack for Windows and MAC Devices [Activation code included]

iMazing is the all-purpose iOS management software. It is always better when you are able to control your mobile data on your own. With this amazing software, users get to expand their control over their mobile data more than they would have ever expected. The reason why this software got so famous is such a less time is that you get to enjoy the controls over your phone without jailbreaking that makes it an official and legal tool.


It is a trusted software that enables the user to transfer and save your music, files, data, and messages. It is a safe option for a well-protected backup by any iPad and iPhone. It is a powerful tool with a user-friendly interface.

Why go for iMazing?

If you are looking for a reliable way to transfer and manage your iPhone data without much of a hassle, then you will come across a lot of choices over the internet. But, it is always better to do a little research at your end before you settle for something. iMazing is a preferable tool for all the smartphone users. It makes your browsing much more manageable and makes backup setting much easier. Users will be able to extract and print your text messages and even drag and drop media files to your iPhone. People who plan on buying iPhone but are delaying it because they are not okay with the iTunes; can now go for it. The reason was given that iMazing allows you to go beyond what is offered by iTunes. At the official website of iMazing you can find the list of extensive features, but let us give you an overview of what comes with this.

Key features

Here is a detailed explanation of the features offered by iMazing.

  • File transfer – this fine software works with all the app documents, media, and data. You can connect your device with a USB or Wi-Fi for hassle-free There is no requirement of an iTunes account; it just works simply with all the new iOS 9.
  • Restore management and backup – with iMazing users can restore, back and clone any iOS device. It is all up to the users either they want to copy the complete data or just the selected one. It also enables the users to keep complete archives of all your devices and application data.
  • Quick transfer – there is no waiting in data transfer. The tool works efficiently to transfer data from one device to the other without any risk of losing any part of your files.
  • Managing data – iMazing not only supports transfers but also makes data management convenient for all the users. There ae two simple steps involved in the transfer of data. All you have to do is make a complete backup of your data. Preserving the data is handy. After the completion of transfer you can restore the data with a single click.

Download iMazing for Windows and Mac here


iMazing is a reliable iOS manager for PC and all Mac products. There is no other software that is providing such amazing response towards Apple products without risking the data loss. it is a free tool, which makes it all the way more desirable.

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