Omnisphere 2.3.2 Crack Download – Full version for Windows and MAC

If you want to create unrivalled sounds, Omnisphere 2 is a perfect musical instrument to quench the thirst of your creative mind. It can create exciting musical sounds by using the existing ones. Let’s go through the salient features of the Omnisphere 2 to know more about it.

Omnisphere 2.3.2

Use Your Own Sample Sound

One of the most anticipated features of this virtual instrument is known as “User Audio.” You can use your own sample sound to create a new sound by using this feature. The synthesis engine runs your sounds to create more fun for you. This function has absolute compatibility with WAV and AIF files. When you work with the Granular Synthesis algorithm of Oscillator section, it enhances your creative potential.

Huge Library

If you do not want to use your own sounds, just jump to the huge library of the tool where you can find the biggest collection of the sounds in different wavetables sections. These sections have three types: Classic, Analog and Digital ones. The classic section contains raw synth waves. The Analogue Timbres are a bit complex and the Digital Wavetables have been designed for the fans of DnB and EDM, etc. You can use this section to enjoy a countless number of bass timbres.

Updates in Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere 2 comes with different updated features. It contains eight latest filter types in the Layer section. You will experience the updated modules in FM and Ring. Both of them come with the latest Shape and Symmetry. They also come with updated Sync controls.

Sound source Reversing

The latest Soundsource Reversing is another great feature that has been recently added to it. You can play your favorite raw sample from the library in the backward by using the Soundsources Reversing feature.

Updated FX

The FX feature also comes with improvement. Now you can use 16 FX units and even an Auxiliary FX rack in every patch. You can also use the matrix modulation before and after FX slot. You will be happy to get hundreds of latest presets and racks in FX section. Moreover, if you are browsing, you can lock FX for your convenience.

Powerful Browser

It comes with the more powerful browser now. When you browse any sound, you will see how quickly it filters the patches and compiles for you. You can browse by Boolean and Oscillator type. You can browse your desired sound patches according to the mood.

Some Unique Functions

If you want to use it in Live performance, you will enjoy its “Live Mode” and the “Orb’s New Attractor Mode”. Both of them can make your Live performance marvellous one. The Sound Lock is another unique feature that enables you to lock the sound aspects to make uncountable variations after browsing.

Download Omnisphere 2 Crack for Windows and MAC


The innerspace feature is awesome. It can convert every simple or complex signal into digital impulses very smoothly.

It has 4500+ sound patches in the library in three different sections. It also includes a huge collection of EDM sounds.

You also find the Boolean browsing feature in the virtual musical instrument.

It has 8 updated Filter Types with more power in Vowel and Resonators.


The users experienced unbearable loudness in some presets.

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