Reimage license key with full version crack free download 2017

Keeping your PC healthy and efficient is a hard job. more than 90% of the world’s population use their PCs or laptops for working on different programs and assignments. Let it be work related or education related, your system has to be speedy and efficient to help you do your work in time. in order to retain the efficiency of the system, we do a lot of things. We install anti-virus programs and other software to ensure that anything we do on the internet does not harm our system or lead to losing of important data.


How does Reimage work?

This software works in three steps:

Scan – with this software you can scan your system for free. It will give you a detailed scan report of your system which will refer to all the problems in your system.

Activate – you can activate the restoration and repair program by purchasing the license key.

Repair – the software will repair and replace all the corrupt files along with removing viruses and other damages. It does all the damage control for you.

It has a huge directory of data base files that is used to reverse the damages made in your system.

Other Windows tools:

What does it fix?


Before you prepare your mind to reject the offer you need to know the uses of the tool. It fixes a lot of things that you may otherwise be unable to fix or pay some professional technical geek to do it for you. Here is a little detail of the errors Reimage – Windows Problem Relief can fix:

Windows errors – all kinds of unexpected conditions and failure of certain operations can be fixed with it. Some Window errors can cause your system to freeze, which you can prevent by using Reimage.

Blue screen of death – bug check screen or a stop error screen that is commonly known as the blue screen of death can be easily fixed with Reimage. You can prevent your system from crashing by using this tool wisely and fix all the errors that can lead to it.

Damaged DLLs – malfunctioning or crash of programs occur when there is a rapid activity of installing and uninstalling programs. DLLs are damaged when they get overwritten by the newer versions but still need the old programming to function. Reimage has the capacity to identify these damages and recover them before you face some big problem.

Freezing of computer – your computer freezes when a program or the whole system stops responding to the inputs. What we do it reboot the system to make it work again, but this is not a permanent solution. You need to use Reimage – Windows Problem Relief to sort the issues leading to freezing of computer.

Viral damages – all the damages that are more likely to occur because of exposure to any virus. You may use an anti-virus to tackle with the situation but there are still a few side effects that need to be taken care of. Reimage does that for you; making your system virus free.

Operating system recovery – any problem in the operating system is quite tricky to deal with because there can be a thousand of issues leading to the failure of the operating system. Reimage restores compromised system settings and registry values to the default Microsoft settings. Your system becomes just like a new born baby no matter how big the loss was.


Reimage – Windows Problem Relief is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

Download Reimage Plus registration code and crack here

  • First download Reimage from the above file and install ReimageRepair.exe in drive C. Do not run it after installation.
  • Now open the above downloaded folder(Crack) and run Reg Patch 2301.reg. Now copy “REI_Axcontrol.dll” and paste it to installation directory of Reimage tool i.e. C:\Program Files\Reimage\Reimage Repair.
  • Now copy and replace these two files also to installation directory “REI_Engine.dll” and “savapi3.dll”.
  • Make sure any Antivirus and firewall is not running and enjoy the activated version now.



It is a completely safe program that does not only heal your system but also prevents it from future damages. it would not be wrong to refer to Reimage – Windows Problem Relief as a shield for your system.

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