SOLiD™ Accuracy Enhancement Tool


  • The SOLiD™ Accuracy Enhancer Tool (SAET) uses raw data generated by SOLiD™ Analyzer to correct miscalls within reads prior to mapping or contig assembly.
  • Use of SAET, on various datasets of whole or sub-genomes of < 200 Mbp in size and of varying complexities, readlengths, and sequence coverages, has demonstrated improvements in mapping, SNP calling, and de novo assembly results.
  • For denovo applications, the tool reduces miscall rate substantially.

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  • This software is being licensed to you under the Applied Biosystems EULA: SOLiD Accuracy Enhancement Tool. Please read the license in its entirety and ensure that you understand the licensing conditions for use. Your use of this software indicates your acceptance of this licensing agreement.


  • This tool is being released as “unsupported software” by Applied Bioysystems


  • Documentation can be found here.

Software Download

  • The Software zip file can be found here.

Sample Download

  • Sample Dataset can be downloaded here.

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