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Vector Magic Image Convertor

Vector Magic is an amazing tool that can quickly trace the flat coloured artwork to save your time. Even it converts the low-resolution jpeg image or gif image into a vector illustration very quickly. The tool is very easy to use. Let’s see how it is unrivalled among all tools of the same category.

User-Friendly Interface

The user interface is very easy to use. It is quite simple even for a layman. It does not look like a typical Mac app’s interface. It seems like it is a ported Windows app.  However, the buttons, features and the tools in it are very simple and logical. You can apply any feature by using a step-by-step tutorial. The settings and the options are very easy and well-organized. You do not feel lost at any point while using it.

Magic Tracing

There are four different modes of magic tracing in the tool. You can trace from any sketch, photo, flat colour artwork or any faded coloured logo. Everything is well-kept and responds quickly.

Three Basic Modes

There are three basic modes for tracing the image. Fully automatic that saves your time, Basic, where you need to apply more toil and finally, the Advanced that comes with some amazing features.

Improve Result Feature

It exists on the sidebar and you find the option here to improve the results into vector modes i.e. Medium, High and Low. You can reduce the colour range and can apply different colours by using different editing tools.

Custom Colors

The Custom Colors is a very important feature of Vector Magic that contains a wide range of colours for the replication of Bitmap. It has very simple and neat interface where you can select multiple colours for a perfect result of Vector. It also enables you to edit the colours according to your preferences. The results of this feature are awesome. It is a perfect option for the users who take interest in tracing out the logos with a unique range of colours.

Edit Result

The Edit Result is another great option that allows re-editing any image. You can select a particular range of colours and fill it with different colours. If you want to re-edit specific portions of the image, this feature helps you greatly.

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It comes with a wide range of tools to improve the picture quality.

You can find here a wide range of colours to give a real touch to the photos.

It has absolute compatibility with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

The user interface is very simple to use.

The automatic resetting includes the “Recommended Settings” that is the default setting for the newbie to use the tool with a professional’s skills.

The uploading and downloading speed are quite faster without any lags.

The quality of the Vector image you get by applying different tools is absolutely awesome.


It is not available for Mac or iOS devices. It is available only for the Windows Operating System that disappoints the Mac and iOS users.

It is a very costly tool and an average person cannot afford it easily.

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