Download VueScan 9.5.86 crack 2017 [No Watermark]

Scanners and faxes are the two most important machines we usually have at work. a lot of systems are usually connected to these two devices because obviously everyone needs to use the scanner for one purpose or the other. However, there are times when the scanner company you are working with stops releasing drivers when the new operating system launches and the users upgrade their systems. Well, here we have a solution for that. VueScan is a scanner driver for scanners that were manufactured a while ago, but their manufacturers did not launch drivers that were compatible with the latest operating systems.

VueScan 9


What does it do?

VueScan solves your problem of upgrading your scanner driver so you can keep using them. It is a simple tool that is compatible with most flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and balance. It is a very handy tool because it can be used without making any specific changes in your system or any of the canner applications that you may be using.

Other than supporting your scanner, it has neat processing features with the ability to restore faded colors and undertake batch scanning. It is designed to perform all kinds of image adjustments. This software has an easy to use interface with even more convenient navigation. It has a main window that shows the preview and scan tabs, while on the left-hand side there is a control panel for making inputs, crops, filters, colors, prefs, and outputs.

Either you need to scan a single page or a two hundred page book; VueScan is the right tool for you. Following are the perks of using the latest version of the program:

  • It scans with flatbed and Automated Document Feeder (ADF)
  • It can scan to PDF (single or multiple pages)
  • It has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for better visibility of the scanned documents
  • It comes with automatic document deskewing
  • It scans the photos to JPEG and TIFF
  • You can play with the photo sizes
  • All the files will be named automatically by the software
  • It is equipped with infrared dust removal
  • Photoshop integration makes it much more interesting and useful

VueScan Scanner Software

Some other features that add to its advantages and usability are:

  • The fact that it is easy to use describes that you can review the scanned item before you print it. it will give you the exact picture of how your document will look like when it comes out on a page.
  • It is designed to depict the most accurate colors. This is made possible by ICC profiles and IT8 calibration.
  • There are numerous options in the program to alter the scanned document. You can make it look better by adjusting the colors, themes, and fidelity.
  • It works fast. You can edit one image and let the other picture get scanned. This software is quite a multi-tasker.

Download VueScan crack below

How to activate?

  • From the above download links, also find the tutorial video to activate this software.


VueScan is easy to use application with quite some amazing features. Other than the scanning function, there is a lot more that you can do with it. You will have to buy the licensed version if you want to get rid of the watermark that is left behind in the trial version. But, the price is worth it. users refer to it as an ecologically friendly tool.

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