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Windows 10 is the latest version released by Microsoft. It is immensely popular among the PC users due to some very interesting features. Unlike Windows 8 or 8.1, it is very similar to Windows 7 in structure. However, it comes with some latest features and apps to maintain the interest of users in Windows. Let’s see how it makes the difference for the users.

Windows 10 Features

Start Menu

In its predecessor version, you can’t see the “Start” menu. But Windows 10 comes with a Start menu again just like you were using in Windows 7 or earlier. It contains all of the apps, recently used documents, Hibernate, shutdown and standby features. Even for a better view, you can expand the Start menu to full screen. It is a kind of the latest user interface Start screen.


The addition of Cortana to Windows 10 is the best feature indeed. It increases a comfortable use of the features. You can control your digital assistant Cortana by using the voice commands. It makes it easier to search the things in no time. Moreover, this assistant helps you in sending email while you are busy in important office work.

Xbox App

Now you can play any Xbox game on your PC as Windows 10 comes with the Xbox app for you. It supports the Xbox games and thus, you will have a system with great graphics and enhanced speed to play your favorite games on PC. You can use this app to share, edit or record your brilliant victories in the game. So, enjoy the game on Windows 10 as many hours as you want. Xbox app also enables you to view live the activity of your friends.

Latest Browser

Forget the old Internet Explorer in previous versions of Windows. Windows 10 brings the latest Project Spartan browser for you. It comes with a support for PDF. The reading mode is much improved. You can take notes while reading some document in it. The Project Spartan browser lets you share your comments on the friends’ posts on social networking sites by using the slide-in menu of the browser.

Universal Apps

Windows 10 comes with a pack of the latest universal apps. You can use “Photos, Videos, Maps, Music, People, Mail, Messaging, Calendar and other apps to make your tasks easier. The content is synced and saved by using the OneDrive that is the company’s cloud service.

These are only a few features of Windows 10. There are many more to make your tasks easier.

How to Install Windows 10 Crack?

Windows 10 Not Activated

Well! If you have Windows 10 and you want to activate Windows, it is not a hard nut to crack. Just follow the steps below and enjoy Windows 10 full version.

Click the link below to get the Windows 10 activation codes file.

Open the file and copy the content.

Right-click on the desktop and select “New Text” to create a Notepad document.

Now, open the Notepad document and paste the content of the activation code file there.

Save it as “.bat” file on your desktop.

Right-click the saved “.bat” file and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu.

It will show the Windows activator in the Command Prompt. Wait for a while.

Within some moments it will show your Windows is activated.

Windows 10 Activated

Restart the system and that’s it.

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