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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is considered the best version of Windows due to its best features. It is the best version for businessmen and professionals even now. After the release of Windows 8, it seemed that now Windows 7 will be a forgotten version and everybody will prefer the later version. But it proved a false expectation as even now after the release of Windows 10, Windows 7 is still the best one. The majority of the users still prefer this version because of its best performance and the flawless features.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Features


The HomeGroup feature enables you to share all kinds of files and printers on the same network without any problem.

Jump Lists Directly

You can access your favourite videos, sites, songs and documents quickly. These lists do not let you waste the time in accessing the content.


Now you can resize the Windows to keep them on your desktop. You can compare them by using the snap feature of Windows.

Windows Search

The search feature lets you find every document with a blink of the eye. You can search everything on PC quickly.

Windows Taskbar

The taskbar enables you to view the thumbnails of icons that you can customize in different ways.

Full 64-bit Support

It supports the most of powerful 64-bit PCs. Probably; it is the first version of PC to support the powerful 64-bit PCs.

More Personal

Now, the users will find more handy gadgets and more attractive themes to decorate the desktop. It becomes more fun to use the latest themes in the PC.

Windows XP Mode

You can run the Windows 7 Ultimate version in the same older Windows XP style. So, it does not look unique to you to use any feature. However, this version of Windows comes with the latest features to make it more attractive.

Performance Improvements

The Windows 7 Ultimate has some very quick and reformed performance features that were not experienced in the older versions of Windows. For example, you can find Quick sleep, Resume to the Windows and USB device detection features in it. Now you need less memory for them.

Aero Desktop

You can experience very attractive graphics in different ways to customize your desktop.

BitLocker Drive Encryption

Now all of your documents and data is safe as this version of Windows comes with BitLocker Drive Encryption. It keeps your documents safe by encrypting the whole data disk drive.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an awesome feature of Windows 7 Ultimate to protect your data and system from unwanted tools and spyware. It performs actively against the malicious files and software to give you complete protection.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is a protection shield with many layers security to keep the intruders from accessing your data. It keeps protecting the files secretly and actively without interrupting your activities.

Language Packs

Windows 7 Ultimate comes with 35 language packs. So, you can easily switch from one to another language easier to use Windows 7 Ultimate features in your native language.

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