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In the year 2009, a student started a project which was based on the idea of improving the JavaScript programming and web development skills. His aim was to design something that would help him get grip on these things. The student was a developer, and he wanted to do something that would reduce the effectiveness and impact of various scams that encouraged the people to visit other websites, pay money for false promises and complete different surveys.

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All of these scams were quite popular and diverted the attention of user from his actual aim of being on a web browser. In 2009, you could become a victim of these scams in just a click; the term commonly used for it is clickjacking. Social media was also a popular platform to spread the scams and get the user busy on purpose.

That genius student created a browser tool that showed the original picture of those scams to all the possible victims. That tool showed that the content promised at the end of a survey did not exist or if it even existed, it was not originally suggested by the links they are visiting.

Progress in the tool

In the next few years, the add-on version and the bookmarklet versions for Chrome and Firefox were improved. During all this time, the developer who himself was a student learned a lot. His aim was served as he learned a lot about software development and website management. It is also said that this project helped to create awareness among the internet users and taught them to identify between the good and bad. Internet community was served with this project and websites scams were reduced to a large extent.

Download XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet Crack

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How to Install and Activate:

For Google Chrome:

1- Open Google Chrome browser in your PC and visit this link and install the extension, if not found on the web then directly find it in chrome extensions’ gallery.

2- After successful installation then open “Extension Cracked Chrome.exe” and it will run in the background, no need to add a key or something like that. Enjoy.

Extension Cracked Chrome.exe

For Mozilla Firefox:

1- Open Firefox and click on the settings button available on the top right corner of the browser and click on addons. Now from left sidebar click on “Plugins” and on that page click on the gear button available on the page.

firefox plugins

2- Now select “Install Add-on from File” and choose the xpi file shown in the image.

Install Add-on from File

xpi file

4- After that restart Firefox. Now go to addons section again(From Image 1 above) and find the imported addon and now install it.

5- Click on “option” button and check are the preferences and you’re done. Enjoy.

The plugin creates awareness in internet users about being protected from website scams. Also, this teaches and warns the internet community about the damage these scams can do to you and your system. There were cases reported, where email addresses were taken from the users for the sake of a survey and then all the personal information was used to trick the users into the undesirable website.


This tool is a great help for JavaScript learners. They will get to enhance their information over the field and understand the way to deal with all kinds of possible problems that may arise in web development. Furthermore, it also examines the use and misuse of script execution through JavaScript protocol.

This tool is also a proof that sometimes students can also add to the development and betterment of the internet culture. This tool is a great example and encourages students to find solutions to their problems on their own.

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